Work Experiences

2016.09-- Now     Associate Professor

2011.09--2016.07 Lecturer

2009.05--2011.07 Assistant

Department of Product Design, College of Fashion & Design, Donghua University.

Educational Background


Ph.D. in Industrial Design, Department of Industrial Design, Kyonggi University, Korea


MA. in Product Design, Department of Product Design, Donghua University, China


BA. in Industrial Design, Department of Industrial Design, Hunan University of Technology, China


Book and Selected Papers


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[4] LI Pei, WU Chunmao*."A study on product design evaluation model based on the expert scoring method": Published on Journal of Packaging Engineering. Vol.39 (20), Oct. 2018.

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[1] Wu Chunmao. "Life Product Design": Published by Donghua University Press. January, 2017.


2012 - 2016

[7] Pei Li, Chao Yu, Chunmao Wu & Jianhui Chen. "The New Product Online Evaluation by Expert Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process Method": Published on Asian Social Science. Vol.12, No.8, 2016.

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2009 - 2011

[3] Research on Shanghai Product Designer’s Brand Store [J], Art and Design, 2011.1. 

[2] NO.9 Medical Equipment, China Industrial Design Information Atlas [M], Beijing: China Building Industry Press, 2010.1. 

[1]. Comparative Study of Oriental and Western Design Thinking, International Design Conference in Korea, 2008.9


Design Patents (70 product patents 

[1].The utility model patents: there are 15 patents, including a shirt which can be changed the length, a hat which can be collapsed, and so on.

[2].Appearance design patents: there are 55 patents, including multimedia information machine, bicycle, lamp, and so on. 


Research projects

[1].Research on the design and methods of household fashion product, supported by the fundamental research funds for the central university (12D10712)

[2]. Research on household product design method in Chinese cultural context, supported by “Young teacher training program for the universities, Shanghai” (12D10737)

[3]. Research on the Shanghai tourist souvenirs design, supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (13D110711).

[4]. Research on household product design methods in Chinese cultural context, supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Education Development Foundation (12S10744).


Enterprise customers

Braun, Kessebohmer, Oldenburger, CK, China foreign exchange Trade Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Telecom, Bund of the Shanghai, Double-stars bag company, Donghua University, and so on.




2015-09  Home Style Award 2015 by IF

2015-07  Red-dot Design Award 2015


2014-10  China Red Star Design Award

2014-04  Chinese Young Design Award by Ministry of culture, PRC

2013-12  Top 100 excellence designers by " Dragon Design Foundation" 

2013-12  Invitational Exhibition, Design Shanghai 2013

2013-04  Cultural industries promotion award, by Ministry of culture

2012-11  Top 100 Chinese designers exhibition

2012-10  Bronze Award, Creative Industry Expo Shanghai

2012-08  Future Design Award, the sixth Shanghai design biennial

2006-09  Bronze Award, Chinese Car Design competition